OK, now I’ve seen it all. Behold SURVIVORblog. Actually, it could be funny, except that I don’t know any of the bloggers.

Brooke and I spent the weekend with our friends Brad and Rebecca in Waterloo, Ontario (shout outs to B&R!!). We went to the Elora gorge and I even got some cool pictures. Maybe some will be posted soon. And my buddy Brent got back from his British Columbia/California odyssey. He even made the pilgrimage to Cupertino and brought back the Apple swag we desired. Now I definitely want to go to San Francisco!

I desperately want to overhaul my photos page, to make it more like an album where you can pick from thumbnails and also see one photo at a time in a larger frame. Does anyone have any good ideas for layout and if they do, could they help me out with the code?