Yet More Films

Yet more films:

  • Possible Worlds – Canadian film directed by Robert Lepage, a well known theatre director. This was an awkward mixture of philosophical “arty” film and B-movie sci-fi schlock. When someone says the line, “They took his brain,” how good can it be? This rates a 6/10
  • Loners – From the Czech Republic, where everyone is gorgeous. That’s the impression I was left with. A very sharp, funny film with no particularly deep message. And according to the director, the pot smoked in the film was “mostly real”! This is a solid 7/10.
  • The King is Alive – Directed by Kristian Levring, one of the founders of the Dogme 95 movement (ie. filmed entirely on location with digital cameras), this is about a group of tourists who become stranded after their bus breaks down in the North African desert. As starvation looms, they decide to stage a performance of “King Lear.” Great ensemble cast, including Janet McTeer and Jennifer Jason Leigh, although it’s typically Scandinavian (gloomy…) This was an 8/10.

Two films left, and then it’s over for another year. The trial’s going ok, too. Hopefully we’ll be finished by the end of next week, but there’s no guarantee. In my opinion, the rest of the jury are grumbling a little too much. After all, we can go home when it’s over. The accused guys might not have that option.

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  1. Apparently, it’s available on VHS, but I’m not sure from whom. You could try Alliance Atlantis, who are the biggest Canadian film distributors.

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