Close To The Centre

Lately, I’ve been feeling especially close to the centre of things. If that makes no sense, I’ll give an example. About a year ago, while working at a computer store, I talked to a fellow named Avi Lewis, who is a television music journalist here in Toronto. He was buying a computer for his wife, and was out of town, so phoned me. He paid, and said his wife Naomi would be coming to pick up her new computer in an hour or so. When she arrived, I realized she was Naomi Klein, a fairly well known journalist. I think it came out that she was writing a book. A few months ago, her book No Logo came out to very good reviews. I admit I haven’t read the book, but apparently Thom Yorke of Radiohead did, and stated it was a huge influence on the writing and recording of Kid A. So, although it’s absurd to think that I had any influence on Radiohead, in a small way, I was involved. Like six degrees of separation was somehow reduced to two degrees.