The Freakin’ CFO!

Sorry for my silence yesterday. I was out of the office at an all day seminar on Finance for New Media companies. I was only there because my boss is in Florida and we needed to send somebody. It was actually really enlightening. Now that I know all about EBITDA, and Current Ratios, and Betas, and ROI, and VC, I think I should become the freakin’ CFO!

I am contemplating putting up a new series of stories, sort of autobiographical things. One of the quirkiest episodes in my life occurred three summers ago when I moved to a smallish town in Ontario called Waterloo for 19 days. It felt like I was being swept along in a flood, and then suddenly I was plucked to safety. I’m considering putting up some of my diary entries and just changing the names. I’m still mulling it over. If you’re one of my friends reading this, and you think you’ll be implicated, let me know what you think. I’d love to eventually record “My Waterloo” for posterity.