A few weeks ago, I asked for and received a review copy of Jeffrey Zeldman’s fine book, Taking Your Talent to the Web: A Guide for the Transitioning Designer. My rationalization was that if I was indeed able to sell the review, Jeffrey would sell more books than my simply paying for one. The review is written and is making the rounds. Look for it here in a short while (pssst! Brand new section coming soon, with all my recent writing).

The twist? Today I just received another review copy of the book. So I’m using the happy accident to run a contest. Since the shipping will probably cost me $10, I’m hoping to get good mileage out of this. So here are the rules for the Zeldman contest:

  1. Compose a Zeldman haiku and post it using the comments feature here
  2. Strict meter applies (5-7-5)
  3. Limericks, sonnets, villanelles also acceptable, but haiku preferred
  4. Your poem must conform to all Web Standards
  5. At least 10 entries must be received, therefore…
  6. If you have a site, you must link back to this post to be eligible to win (publicity is required for this to be fair)
  7. Zeldman, his family members, and employees of Zeldman Inc. are not eligible to participate
  8. Void where prohibited by law
  9. Contest closes when it begins to get lame

Please help spread the word!!!