Double Dog Dare

Jason has issued a “double dog dare” to webloggers to post some of their pre-web journal entries. Not only did I keep a regular journal from 1985-1998, but I’ve already posted a particularly overwrought account of 20 strange days in 1997. But if he wants more, I’ll try to dredge up more, though my journal was never a repository for ideas, good or bad, but more of an angst dump and a place to obsess on girls. I did/do keep notebooks just for writing down ideas, scraps of poetry, quotes and lists and some of that might be interesting blog fodder too. (Hey, I like that — blogfodder. Coming soon, “The BlogFodder” on DVD!!!)

One thought on “Double Dog Dare”

  1. tonight, a group of my compadres, colleagues, friends, those that I count the most and I breeched the fold of safety, the normal and such. We traveled into a time spent farkling. Yes, supposedly a game developed in the middle ages, practiced by renaissance fair and likewise types. But, we have taken it to a new level… With the simple addition of excruciating punishments, we have given meaning and purpose to this once idiotic game. Have you ever dressed purely in bubble wrap to deliver cookies to the patrons of the local Denny’s? Have you ever shaven a strip of your pubic hairs in a fashion likened to pepay le pew? We have, and its opened a whole new world of pleasure. Clean fun amongst the guys. Look for it.

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