Welcome Home James!

From an email I sent to my gracious hosts, Dinah, Kristin, and Jish:

“Just wanted to let you all know I’m back safely, even though I had an aisle seat in the second to last row on my SF-Pittsburgh flight and we had awful turbulence and the freakish looking permatanned “flight attendant” almost spilled things on me and some old guy almost “air raged” at me when I tried to get past him on the way off the plane since he couldn’t get his bags out of the overhead container and somehow I lost my key and couldn’t wake Brooke since she had the phone unplugged and so I had to wait almost half an hour in the lobby of my building at 1am on a Monday night when no one comes in or out until Brooke finally woke and plugged the phone in and got my pathetic message saying I’m stuck in the lobby and please come down and let me in…”