Powazek Poetry Contest Winner

Finally, the winner of the Powazek Poetry Contest is announced! Congratulations and free shipping to Matt, for his witty entry:

If you wanna build a site,
You can’t just code with impunity;
If you wanna get it right,
You gotta read Design for Community.
There were two honourable mentions:

Wanna build an online community?

You don’t have to be a power tech

Just take this fine opportunity
And buy the book by Powazek


I didn’t quite win your zeldman book
but back to your community I wandered
I suspect that I’m still out of luck
I’ll just buy copies once remaindered.

Lloyd “Always a Bridesmaid” Wood

I must assure Mr. Wood that it is not the high cost of shipping that is keeping him out of the medals, but rather his failure to really mention the topic, though I laughed some. Thank you to all our entrants and special congratulations to our winner and runners-up!