Alice Cooper’s Greatest Hits

The CD I picked out this morning for my commute was Alice Cooper’s Greatest Hits. Ok, I know you’re probably cringing. But this album (as we called them back in the day) is like comfort food for me. I know almost every note. It was one of about half a dozen that were on constant rotation at the weekly beer bashes I used to frequent back around 1980. Before you mock my mullet-rock roots, we were also spinning stuff like The Cars’ first album and Queen’s A Night at the Opera, though that probably just puts me into another category of bad taste. But I can’t help it. I know I’ve asked this one before, but what are some of your guilty pleasures when it comes to old music?

One thought on “Alice Cooper’s Greatest Hits”

  1. hi alice…..
    just to let you know,my mom, my moms best friend and i are your biggest fans…ever.
    now, i might only be twelve but I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
    (p.s. i really hope that you will write back to me .oh, and your apperance in waynes world is my fav. part of the whole movie just because your in it)

    please….please…..please….please…please write back…..yours truly, Bryer

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