Eric Meyer on CSS Contest

Thanks to the generosity of New Riders, I have a duplicate copy of Eric Meyer on CSS: Mastering the Language of Web Design to give away. If you’ve been reading CC for a while, you know what’s coming, don’t you? A contest! Previous contests have been quite popular, and I’ve managed to give away a couple of fine books by Messrs. Zeldman and Powazek.

Here are the rules for the Eric Meyer on CSS Haiku Contest:

1. Readers will submit a genuine haiku (using the comments link below), consisting of three lines. 5 syllables in each of the first and third lines, and 7 syllables in the second line.

2. There is a limit of 3 entries from each person, and at least 10 entries must be received for the prize to be awarded.

3. The contest will run from today until August 15, or until it gets boring.

4. Entrants need not post their entry on their own site, but must post a link to this entry to be eligible. Those without web sites are obviously exempt from this requirement.

5. Anyone in the world may enter and win, but those outside of North America might need to help with shipping costs if they are prohibitive.

Good luck, everyone, and please help spread the word! Oh, and yes, it’s a good book. You can read my review at Digital Web.

119 thoughts on “Eric Meyer on CSS Contest”

  1. Sorry! It had to be:

    Yet this book shall boot
    when { position: absolute }
    under <table>, Cook!

  2. simplicity reigns
    despite complications found
    through box model hacks!

    “style over content”
    or just “seperated from”?
    either way, it’s good.

    without good structure
    even the truth is hollow;
    please! tidy your code!

  3. HTML was.
    CSS adds a new look!
    Guess I need the book.

    As the hard drive spins.
    Code runs around with a grin.
    Till someone tries it.

    My monitor died.
    Smoking as it gave up life.
    Too much CSS.

  4. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    [if (‘#’ == ‘pound’ && ‘0’ == ‘oh’)]

    leaves tumble from trees —
    is the new black


    huddled by a fire
    in our stylesheet discontent …
    Eric is solstice


    we all used FONT tags
    we all once liked macrame —
    you can’t stop progress


  5. take style and content
    away from each other, gah!
    i just peed my pants

    tabular data
    looks hot in tables, but wait
    til you see my div

    floating left and right
    in a stupor of psycho-
    tropic placement. dude.

  6. Tired of stealing code
    View source has taught all it can
    Need to keep learning

    Tally syllables
    Trade Webster for Meyer book
    I love CSS

    Content draped in style
    Inherent beauty shines through
    CSS is key

  7. I can’t link your blog.
    I can’t make a pretty page.
    I yearn for reference.

    (That’s ‘ref-rence, not ‘re-fer-rence)

  8. midnight chill inside
    snow cascades like netscape four
    deep drifts at the door

    tawny flash of lynx
    between sparse fir silhouettes
    sees through your false spring

    transforms sheets of rain
    from mud puddles and blindness
    into a mirror

  9. .pleading>begging {

    Poor designer waits
    Can’t afford to buy the book
    Needs to win contest


    This is my last one
    So good luck to all who tried
    May the best one win

  10. Working on my site
    Have no content to include
    Can CSS help?

    I like this contest
    I could link to this webpage
    If my site was up.


    in the squared circle
    two gladiators face off
    taste my righteous boot

    (i got suckered into watching SmackDown! yesterday. so sue me)

    incense is burning
    sandalwood fills up my room
    please don’t burn the desk

    the night covers me
    silent, like smoke in the dark,
    i am your nightmare

    (creepy. i like it.)

  12. Code must validate
    Clearly as the sun gleams off
    Distant monitors.

    My head pounds at night,
    Forgot the semi-colons!
    Poor lines have no bite.

    My my, Netscape 4,
    Creme of the crop you once were.
    Forever rebuked.

  13. clean sheets in spring air
    poetry is exclusion
    use the minimum

    observe, imitate
    write well, revise when required
    it is only code

    I need no more books
    unread volumes on wood floor
    shite school library

  14. #1

    cascading rhyme fight
    drunken style of elephant
    your blood raining sheets


    style type equal to
    text slash CSS dot class
    font dash size ten point


    anal counting sucks
    the life from my digit-drugged-

  15. border-style: dotted
    Is the rule for trendy blogs.
    Let’s see something new.

    Well-formed documents
    reward with validity
    given proper DOCTYPE’s.

    Teach vim to children
    lest they be stuck with other,
    shoddy editors.

  16. Hey folks,

    Here goes:


    browsers won’t agree
    to conform to W3C
    darn — need more coffee


    sitting on my ass
    position with CSS
    again — browser wins


    A casket of style
    harbors a listless body
    cascades odor foul

    ps. my host seem to be later than usual at updating my home page which contain the link to this page. I expect the update to occur by the end of today.

  17. Already have book.
    Can I have a short phone call
    With guru instead?

    Convert to style sheets?
    Journey of one thousand miles
    begins with this book.

    Book is not enough.
    Trial and error, often.
    CSS worth it.

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