Saturday Movie

In America (Working Title) (Ireland, 2002, Jim Sheridan, director): A bit of a fairytale, about an Irish family who move to New York City after the tragic death of one of their children. Hokey in places, but utterly moving, due mainly to some excellent performances. Samantha Morton (again, though, not much talking!), Paddy Considine, and especially miraculous performances from real-life sisters Emma and Sarah Bolger. They were at the screening and received a standing ovation. The story is told from 10-year old Christie’s (Sarah Bolger) perspective, and she captured all the nuances of a child who has both lost her brother and been called upon to hold the rest of her family together. Plus, she sings beautifully! 6-year old Ariel (Emma Bolger) is just incredibly funny and cute. The introduction of Djimon Hounsou as their initially scary neighbour was where the story veered into cliche, but overall, a finely acted and emotionally involving story. An added bonus is a soundtrack by Gavin Friday and Maurice Seezer, who also scored Sheridan’s last film, The Boxer. (Note: The title of this film may turn out to be East of Harlem, which is how it is listed at IMDB, though the director still hadn’t made up his mind.) 8.5/10