Finally…Haiku Contest Winner(s)!

As promised, and only marginally late, I’m pleased to announce that the winner of the Eric Meyer on CSS Haiku Contest is Joshua Kaufman, of Columbus, Ohio. His entry captured the essence of CSS in its simplicity:

simple web design:
html for structure
css for style

Out of almost 300 entries, there were bound to be a lot of other good ones, too. If you’re interested, here are 15 Honourable Mentions, the main criterion being that they made me laugh:

I’ll read eric’s words
in my bed or at my desk
but not on tables
Anil Dash

I’m just a student
I’ve no money, not a cent!
Knowledge equals rent
Jacob Wolfsheimer

p {font-size: 2em;}
it was all so simple once
help me, eric m!
Jeffrey Zeldman

Lo! The book of hope!
Client asks for sun and moon:
Compliant porn site.
John Winkelman

CSS Layouts:
Because I want MY weblog
Looking like Kottke’s
Ernie Hsiung

Web Team that I lead:
You said you know CSS!
<FONT FACE> does not count.
Colin S

I like web design
I also like chocolate
will settle for book
Lea Alcantara

Has halved in its download time
And that is a fact
Pete Hall

without good structure
even the truth is hollow;
please! tidy your code!
–the pork master

leaves tumble from trees —
is the new black
Robert Kirkpatrick

mention on zeldman
garners many responses
good luck judging, james!
Ari Brown

Working on my site
Have no content to include
Can CSS help?
Steve Wheeler

CSS is cool,
You can format a font size,
And name it “Penis”
Sam Rhee

Already have book.
Can I have a short phone call
With guru instead?
Mary Anne Shew

Rich, smart and pretty,
But happiness eludes me.
I need that book NOW!
Carole Pivarnik

I want to thank everyone who entered, and especially Eric Meyer himself, for being such a good sport. If anyone has any other ideas for a book contest, definitely let me know. I tend to have lots of computer books sent to me, and I know how expensive they are…

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