8 thoughts on “Celebrity Watch”

  1. Was there any acknowledgement of celebrity? I saw Patty Griffin (http://www.pattygriffin.com) in the grocery store a few weeks ago. We just kind of paused and looked at each other, then she gave me a look that said, “yes, it’s me, patty, but I’d like to shop for my groceries anonymously, thanks.” So I restrained the urge to gush. It was hard.

  2. I helped Jeannie Becker with her stuff yesterday and you could tell she was just DIEING to be acknowledged. but i didn’t. 😀

  3. I loved him in “Best In Show” as well! I guiltily acknowledge that I watched the “American Pie” flicks and he was hilarious in those too! Very talented man!

  4. Eugene rulez!! I remember when he came into that bookstore I used to work at down the street (that is, Yonge Street) and of course we didn’t have what he wanted. Same thing happened when Catherine O’Hara came in looking for audio books with voice actors with Irish accents. YES it’s true, I couldn’t help her out either. That store was good in some ways, but really sucked in others.

    “This one is Hustler, it’s more -exotic- — look at that, it’s like some kind of exotic flower or something.” Hehe.

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