Last 10 MP3s: The Mini-Meme

Taking a cue from Tim, I’m posting a list of the last 10 MP3s that iTunes, set to Shuffle, played for me:

  1. Playground Love – Air
  2. Hateful – The Clash
  3. You Gotta Walk (And Don’t Look Back) – Peter Tosh (with Mick Jagger)
  4. Thank You Boys – Jane’s Addiction
  5. Celebrity – Luxuria
  6. Rocketman – William Shatner
  7. Sheela Na Gig – PJ Harvey
  8. Wig In A Box – Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  9. This Is Not A Photograph – Mission of Burma
  10. Arc Arsenal – At The Drive-In

Why don’t you join in the meme? Make a post to your blog, then let me know in the comments below.

And yes, I’m aware that you can already see what the last 10, in fact the last 50, songs I’ve played just by clicking here. Don’t rain on my parade.

4 thoughts on “Last 10 MP3s: The Mini-Meme”

  1. I really find music is a distraction most of the time. When I play it on random too many songs come on that I’ve either jsut listened to on the whole album within a few days (or so it seems), or that are the wrong tempo or something and ruin my concentration.

    I spent all day yesterday working at my computer, probably almost fourteen hours including ten hours straight, and never opened iTunes once. I do have to limit the number of programs I have open, though, with this crappy 256MB of RAM. Music represents a whole set of choices which take energy that I have to put elsewhere.

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