More Moozeek

A couple of more links for the music fans:

As well, I’ve been using Sam Ley‘s excellent iScrobbler plugin for iTunes for a while now. Unfortunately, the Audioscrobbler site itself has been down for several days with more database woes, I assume. When it comes back up, check out iScrobbler!

As the result of a sales contest at work, I won an iPod a while back. On Friday, I finally received it, and have been deliriously happy ever since. I have almost 2500 songs packed onto the little thing, and am doubly happy I received it in time for my annual trek to SxSW. Speaking of which, if you are going, and have any last minute requests for Canadian candy or maple syrup or Rheostatics or Sloan CDs or mukluks or what-have-you, now is the time to let me know…