Great nuggets from Azerrad’s book. This from the chapter on the Butthole Surfers:

Often the whole band would rip apart stuffed animals onstage, like a frenzied pack of psychotic cannibals.

Hmmm. I think somebody from The Dismemberment Plan must have been to one of these shows…

And a tasty Minutemen anecdote:

In Florida, [Mike] Watt got food poisoning and suffered from chronic diarrhea for days afterward. “It got useless to keep changing my pants,” Watt wrote in the tour story anthology Hell on Wheels, “so I tied a shirt around my waist and rags around the bottoms of my pant legs and just said fuck it. After three days my pants were full to the knees. Luckily, my condition improved.”

Yet more Butthole Surfers fun:

Once, they had pulled up to the City Gardens club in Trenton, New Jersey, and were told their show had been cancelled in favor of the Replacements. (“We were replaced by the Replacements!” Coffey notes.) But the Buttholes pleaded poverty and successfully lobbied to open the show as Playtex Butt Agamemnons.

Best. Band. Name. Ever.