Ah, January. Two things always happen in early January:

  • Macworld — In a word, underwhelming. No consumer hardware news except the silly iPod mini, which is insanely overpriced. When Steve Jobs said, comparing it to a US$199 Flash-based player, that the US$249 iPod mini was “the best $50 you’ll ever spend,” I think what he meant was, spend another US$50 and get more than three times the capacity. For US$299, get the 15GB iPod. If these had been US$149, they would have sold a ton. In a year, they will be, and it will probably be too late.
  • The Beginning of SXSW Frenzy — I’ve already started my planning. From March 11-17, I will be in Austin, drinking and talking geek talk. Thanks to the stronger Canadian dollar, the $14 margarita I “enjoyed” last year can now be had for closer to $12. Let the good times roll!

In other news, just before the new year officially began, I quietly threw the switch and the web site for Lifford Wine Agency roared (groaned?) into life. Of course, after looking at it for close to six months, I’m sick of it. And already working on version 2.0. Or at least 1.1. Time to learn PHP/mySQL, I think. And some design skills…

6 thoughts on “January”

  1. Fuck ya! Dude, I was worried you wouldn’t be going because if you aint, I aint. It isn’t the conference without McNally. Should I make the reservation at Castle Hill now?

  2. I’m torn! I have the (possible) opportunity to go to one conference, which would be paid for by the school I teach at. So far I’ve been planning for the Thunder Lizard Digital Design world in SF, but SXSW has always lurked in the back of my mind.

    My main goal is to have fun, meet people, and enjoy myself. Which would be better, in your opinion?

    Oh, and congrats on the site launch, James!

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