16 thoughts on “Hey Ya Charlie Brown Video”

  1. Ok, how come, being fairly late to post this link, am I the number 1 result on Google for “Hey Ya Charlie Brown video”? Am I just Google-blessed that way? Odd…

  2. AHH I NEED TO SEE THE CHARLIE BROWN/HEY YA THING AGAIN!!! IF I DO NOT i WILL DIE!! i have looked everywhere to find it. please tell me where i can get it.

  3. yeah me too.. i know a site..www.ebaumsworld.com , click on enter and click videos and its right there…but 1 prob, you cant send it to anyone! *sob* oh well..its really funny!!!

  4. Just to let everyone know the charlie brown corp. lawyers have ordered that it be removed from all websites. i’ve been trying to find it everywhere. but the powers that be have struck down.

  5. ‘Tis still out there, it is!! A Google search maybe provide what you seek! Search “hey ya charlie brown” or “heyyacb.mov” You will find it! Me did very easily. Heeheeheeeheeeheeeeeeee!!!

  6. it’s the most amazing and funniest video i have ever had in my life ,when i had the song i almost drop dead because it was so funny when every body saw me cracking up they came and saw what i was doing and they all started going to their computer and we all cracked up.i think it’s the best video ever made and i love i.

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