Photoblog Blues

Though not a surprise from a guy called “Photojunkie”, Rannie‘s decision to pull the plug on his text blog and replace it with a photoblog is just another in a growing string of jaded bloggers giving up writing. It saddens me. I was just commenting on this trend to Natalie on Saturday night at Joey‘s party. It seems a lot of people are just finding they have nothing left to say. Many of the people I’ve come to know through their writing have stopped writing and are posting pictures. Heather, Natalie, Rannie, Jay, even the venerable Jish has been posting a lot of photos. Granted, some of the their photography is quite good, but it doesn’t let me into their lives in the same way that their words did.

What’s the cause of this general trend? Is it just that the novelty of the tools has worn off? Are people busier? Are they being more guarded about letting people know the details of their lives? Whatever it is, I miss the old days.

10 thoughts on “Photoblog Blues”

  1. Putting more focus on my photography now…

    I don’t have the time to put in the effort to do text blogging anymore.

    pictures for me are more effortless.

  2. Hey James, I finally found my way back to your blog after you let me a comment on mine. I wanted to say something about this post. I just started a photoblog too, but I wouldn’t give up writing for anything in the world… Not right now, it’s a good therapy for me. And I’ve got lots to say, maybe too much for some people’s taste. Keep on blogging too!

  3. After spending the better part of this past year trying to “take my country back,” I’m looking forward to taking my life back, and part of that will be getting back on board with blogging. Your post — and SXSW being just a few weeks away — reminds me how much I’ve missed it.

  4. I agree with you. As a highly visual person (and a photographer myself), I love photos in blogs and photoblogs. But I *miss* the writing. It’s the personal nature of blogs that keeps us interested, and a plain photoblog with no words just doesn’t connect with me the same way a personal story does.

  5. Personally, I’ve found I’m writing less because I’m willing to share less — partly because of what has been going on in my life, partly because the things that are left to talk about don’t seem particularly interesting to me, and I can only imagine they’d bore other people. (The people I don’t want to share with AREN’T the blogging community, generally speaking, but other people from everyday life who know about my site.)

    Probably in part, it’s a question of lost novelty combined with a disinclination to be completely superficial — is it better to post nothing at all than nothing of substance?

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