Well, I’m here in Austin again, for my fourth South by Southwest Interactive. This time, I’m accompanied by my pals Brent and Paul.

So far, we’ve hung out with the fabulous Browns, met new friend Kevin, and briefly exchanged hugs with old friend Kevin.

Tonight the festivities will get underway with the ever-popular Bread Bread With Brad. I can’t wait.

On the way down, I read an entire book on the plane. It was a funny one: Joe Queenan’s Red Lobster, White Trash, and the Blue Lagoon, a hilarious skewering of middlebrow culture. It helped me get ready for my latest foray into America.

3 thoughts on “SXSW IV”

  1. Sigh. I considered going to Austin this year, but not until it was too late to do anything about it. Maybe next year. Do let us hear all about the fun!

  2. I had a great time hanging out with you again this year, James… Already looking forward to 2005. 🙂

    Home again. Soooooo tired. But it was worth it.

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