iPod Quilts: Compilation Champs SXSW 2004

Hey everyone, let’s start a meme! Take a collection of songs from iTunes (a playlist, your last 9 or 16 or 25 songs) and turn the album cover art into a sort of quilt. Here’s my compilation from this year’s South By Southwest Interactive (sorry to anyone using anything less than 1024×768 resolution):

Dirty Love (Motorhead) Here Among The Cats (Max Webster) The Frogs (Wesley Willis) Black and White (The dB's)
When You Wake You're Still In A Dream (My Bloody Valentine) River of Orchids (XTC) The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (The Smiths) Suspect Fled The Scene (Pedro The Lion)
Nova Heart (The Spoons) Vika (The Pets) I'm Sorry That I Got Fat (Wesley Willis) The Best Of The Best (Half Japanese)
The Shape Of Things To Come (The Diodes) Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy (Devo) A Midwinter Night's Dream (Rheostatics) Untitled 1 (Sigur Ros)

The quality of some of the art is pretty crappy, but this has some potential. Hey, by the way does anyone know where iTunes actually stores the album art you import?

2 thoughts on “iPod Quilts: Compilation Champs SXSW 2004”

  1. Dude,you need to make one a versus-style image with the various images of albums broken up and merged into one another, so like a group shot of all the people’s faces put together, or put various album images in the background of other images.

    But your quilt is cool.

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