I’ve added recently watched films to the sidebar along with ratings. The ratings are out of 5, with a dimmer circle denoting ½. This is so it correlates with my IMDB ratings, which are out of ten. The idea has been shamelessly stolen from Robot Johnny. I hope you don’t mind, John. Please don’t send The Iron Giant over again…

2 thoughts on “Screened”

  1. Excellent! Maybe I’ll steal it too some day. McNally, it’s about time you had a feature like this on your site. Now I won’t have to eat lunch with you anymore and find out what films you’ve seen recently.

    Seriously, this is a nice addition to your site. One thing though. Are your reviews out of five stars or four? Midnight Cowboy receive a 4/5 and Napolean Dynamite received a 3/4.

    As always, nice taste in films except for Dodgeball but everyone has their guilty pleasures (I saw Anchorman last week).

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