Mutual Admiration Society

I think it’s downright hilarious, and oddly touching in a geeky way that after the blogging “explosion”, two blogging “personalities” can still be awed by meeting each other in person.

Recently, in San Francisco, Matt Haughey and Heather Armstrong met for the first time. Though both have been blogging for years and surely must have become jaded with their modest celebrity, each gushed without shame:

mathowie: “[OMFG] IT’S THE DOOCE.”

dooce: “We could barely breathe through gasps of air, and I caught myself bowing and kneeling on the ground beneath him, Oh God of The Internet and the Web and the Thing. I so badly wanted for him to reach out and place his hands on my unworthy head and cleanse me of all the sins I have committed against the Internet.”

Perhaps the most touching example of blogger admiration occurred a few weekends ago, when two web superstars I’m glad to call friends committed their lives to each other. Congratulations and Mazel Tov, Heather and Derek!