Music Survey

  • First Record Bought: Led Zeppelin (the first one) (1969), purchased at Halliday’s TV shop at the Parkway Plaza in Scarborough, 1975. My reaction was “this band can play, but the singer sucks!”.
  • First Concert: Queen, touring their “Jazz” album, 1978.
  • Favourite Music Movie: URGH! A Music War (1981). Runners-up: Rock and Roll High School (1979), with The Ramones, and Stop Making Sense (1984) with Talking Heads.
  • Favourite Music Book: Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk, by Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain.
  • Favourite Songwriter: Britt Daniel (Spoon)
  • Favourite Producer: Steve Albini
  • Favourite Record Label: Matador
  • Favourite Magazine: I rarely buy music mags anymore. I picked up Paste recently, and though it’s skewed a bit older (ie. my own supposed demographic), it’s well-written and attractively laid out.
  • Favourite Bassist: Barry Adamson (Magazine)
  • Favourite Album Cover: Surfer Rosa (1988) by the Pixies, art by Vaughan Oliver.
  • Favourite Teen Idol: Avril Lavigne. I’d like to tell her a few jokes, make her smile a bit…
  • Artist Who Broke Your Heart: PJ Harvey, when she stopped playing guitar and started wearing dresses.
  • Artist You Will Always Believe In: Ask me again in ten years.
  • Singer Who Makes Your Skin Crawl: Shania Twain, Cher, and all those other fakers who put their crappy voices through computers to sell records.
  • Singer Who Makes You Swoon: Maria McKee, PJ Harvey, Björk
  • Favourite Sound: Music
  • Album You Will Always Defend: Meat is Murder (1985), by The Smiths.
  • Album You Own That No One Else Does: Stands for Decibels (1981), by The dB’s, and Crazy Rhythms (1980), by The Feelies. No one I know owns these, anyway…
  • Classic Album You Own but Don’t Like: Rumours (1977), by Fleetwood Mac.
  • Artist You’re Supposed to Like but Don’t: Sonic Youth
  • Song You Can’t Stand by an Artist You Like: Silver, from Doolittle (1989) by the Pixies.
  • Band That Should Break Up: The Rolling Stones
  • Band That Should Re-form: Not sure they’re completely disbanded, but it’s unlikely we’ll get any new music from Neutral Milk Hotel. I’m holding out slightly more hope for My Bloody Valentine.
  • Guilty Pleasure: A-ha’s “Hunting High and Low” (1985); I’m finally not ashamed to admit that they were pop geniuses.
  • Favourite Music DVD: My bootleg URGH! A Music War (1981) DVD-Rs.
  • Concert You Wish You’d Seen: Elvis Costello at the El Mocambo in 1978.
  • Dream Collaboration: Thanks to MP3 mashups, this one is becoming irrelevant. 😉

5 thoughts on “Music Survey”

  1. Hey, I’d love to own “Stands for Decibels”… or anything else by the dB’s. At least I’ve got some Let’s Active, Guadalcanal Diary, Swimming Pool Q’s, and Holsapple and Stamey’s “Mavericks.”

  2. I just had to do one of my own surveys. If this keeps up momentum in the bloggin community maybe we’ll find out all the closet Ricki Martin fans!

  3. Though Neutral Milk Hotel are MIA, you might try the Jeff Mangum’s “Live At Jittery Joe’s” live recording from 1997 – mostly stuff from On Avery Island and Aeroplane but less formed, and a couple extra songs including a cover of “I Love How You Love Me” by Phil Spectre.

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