Goodbye Nelson!

Brent and Nelson, 1991
Brent and Nelson, Neurotic Bachelors, January 1991

Nelson is no more. In the fall of 1990, two neurotic bachelors bought a cat to chase the bugs out of their apartment. Nelson became much like the two of us: slovenly, loyal, cranky, desperate to be loved. Yesterday, Brent told me that Nelson hadn’t been eating much in the last few days and that he was taking him to the vet. Nelson has never been to the vet, not once, so I knew this was serious. It turned out that there was some fluid and possibly tumours bloating his body, and so the decision was pretty easy. I only regret that I wasn’t there with him. His passing is more than just the loss of a friend. It feels like the passing of a whole era in my life. At my wedding two years ago, Brent even based his riotously funny speech on the concept of Nelson as our love child. The child is gone, but the love remains.

By the way, did I tell you that I’m not a “cat person”?

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Nelson!”

  1. Hahahaahaha! OMG I miss being a 20-yr old neurotic. At least it was fresh for me.

    Forget the hair, lookit that weird shirt.

    Goodness that cat looked young then.

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