Christine talks about “blurkers,” those visitors to a weblog who leave no sign of their presence. No comments, no links, nothing. And for those reading sites via an RSS newsreader, there’s even less of a trace, not even a hit from the hit counter. Just as she did, I’m asking that if you read this entry, please make a comment and let me know if:

  • you’re a “blurker”
  • you have a weblog
  • you’re reading via an RSS feed


21 thoughts on “Blurkers”

  1. I try not to be a blurker. I love to receive comments, so it’s only fair if I leave them too, right? I normally read through “the real thing” although I’m starting to use Bloglines more and more.

  2. I’m a “blurker” reading via RSS and I’ve got a weblog — but my site suffers from neglect, so it’s not just comment threads I’m not posting to.

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  4. I blurk about here and there, but I speak when spoken too! (P.S. I stole this post idea for my own site)

    (P.P.S. Did you manage to catch any Rheos shows this season?)

  5. Hi, I guess I am a blurker, though I do have your site linked on mine…and I wouldn’t know how to work an RSS feed to save my life. (I found you, btw, via Gary at That Easy Life.)

  6. Bloody insecure bloggers. Wait, I just checked my stats today. Of course it was overloaded with comment spam connection’s to kyte’s site. Crap and I promised we’d install MT-Blacklist for him today.

  7. Yeah…I’m a hardcore blurker…I spend about WAAY too much time reading other people’s blogs, and lamenting how I didn’t think of it first….sometimes I comment, most of the time not (I add comments maybe 20% of the time)

    Yeah…I have a blog…which I keep updated weekly…why?…I’m not sure…it’s really not that interesting to read, and isn’t what I intended anyways…

    I don’t recall how I came across this blog, but I’ve bookmarked it…I’ve found a few useful, and entertaining links in here (I won’t steal them, promise!)…..

    Keep up the good work!
    j eastman

  8. Sometimes I’m a blurker. It kind of depends on if I have something to say, really. There are some sites that I’ve read for months, but have never made a comment.

    This is the first time I’ve ever read your site. I followed a link from, which, oddly, is one of the sites I blurk. I’ve actually been meaning to leave him a note, but haven’t gotten around to it.

    I use Bloglines for RSS, and it has a feature where you can add a feed to your blogroll “privately.” That is, it does not appear on your public list (although, it should be noted that you are counted as a subscriber, but your name does not appear in the list of subbers for that feed). Could this lead to “blalking?”

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