Get Your Twangers Out

I find it almost impossible to believe that this was actually broadcast to children. But then again, it was the 1970s and anything was possible.

3 thoughts on “Get Your Twangers Out”

  1. While Rainbow was an actual children’s television show in the 70s, this particular episode was a parody filmed for their own amusement. I don’t think it was ever aired, or at least was aired late at night.

  2. Dan is correct. I grew up with Rainbow as a kid in the 70s and 80s in the UK, and it was nothing but wholesome kids edutainment.

  3. twanger was a made insturement made out of a box (a wandwich box or ICE creem box) which they cut to holes at the top of the box and put a plastic band though the holes of the boxand tyed the ends of the plastic bands at the end with a knot. kids can build and some still do to day. the tranging is the kind of sound this instrument makes. as you can see zippy has a red sanwichbox

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