5 thoughts on “More Ludicrosity”

  1. And it’s sad really because Dobson had some reasonably popular parenting books in the 80s that were totally not in-your-face religious nor were they political. But, like I was telling Carey earlier, Dobson is falling into the “grandpa trap”, where everything is going to hell in a handbasket and it’s all because of the nincompoops in Washington. He’s politicized his beliefs, and it can only go downhill from here.

    As an aside, you’ve totally sold me on Sojourners http://www.sojo.net and now I’m of the opinion that everyone should be required to read at least one issue of that journal. Perhaps Dobson should read all of them? Not that it’d do any good…. A grandpa and his big microphone are not easily parted.

  2. How sad it is. How American. Check out the link on my site. (because I’m a spazz and can’t figure the freaking link lingo out-sheesh says the husband) This guy seems to have a really good idea of true Christ followers, something Dobson somehow has forgotten.

  3. i think this is yet another example of the ‘christian right’ forgetting to be human.

    doesn’t matter precisely what beliefs one holds (or how one disagrees) the fact is that, when dealing with another human on belief differences, you are, in fact, dealing with a human.

    let’s just forget for a moment how ludicrous a claim this is and think on how it must feel. i’m not bleeding heart. nothing i enjoy more than a good joke at someone else’s expense (especially my own!), but i wonder what it must feel like to hear “we won’t watch your show because you’re promoting a disgusting agenda”. maybe it isn’t said in so many words. but it doesn’t take so many words.

    the right seems to have fallen for the same victim mindset that they supposedly abhor. the verses in the Bible that state Christians will be hated in the ‘end times’ have become the mantra. ‘never mind all that about what we might be saying. everyone hates us because the Bible says they will.’

    meanwhile, they go on making asses out of the rest of the thoughtful Christians out there just trying to make some sort of difference in their own lives and, perhaps if very fortunate, the life of someone else.

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