Full-Time Blogging?

So Jason Kottke has quit his job to pursue blogging full-time. And he wants us to pay him to do it. This is a head-scratcher for me. I love Jason’s site, but he surely can’t be serious? I see this as more of an “experiment” and I expect he’ll quietly begin looking for work again in about three months. (By the way, can you collect unemployment insurance if you’re blogging for a living?)

2 thoughts on “Full-Time Blogging?”

  1. I’m starting to hate all uses of “blog” as a verb or derivative of a verb form, like “blogger”. As if it was so specially different from other kinds of writing. Ugh. If he just said he wanted to write for a living and publish on the web, you’d never question it, would you?

  2. I’m softening on this. I think I was too harsh in my initial comments. It’s not that I don’t wish him well. And he’s obviously made some sacrifices already. Hey, if I end up chatting with him at SXSW, I’ll probably end up flipping him a few bucks…

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