New Yorkminster Park Baptist Church Site

Yorkminster Park Baptist Church is the church Brooke and I attended for about four years. We were married there in 2002, and even though we’ve been going somewhere else lately, I still serve on a board there and until recently, had been their webmaster.

One of the first things I did upon agreeing to update their web site was bring in my friend (and one-time boss) Jay Kerr to undertake a badly-needed redesign. Ten months later, I’m happy to say that the site looks fantastic, navigates well, and validates. Jay used Movable Type as a lightweight content-management system so that church staff and volunteers can make their own updates and have a proper archive of past events.

The redesign even got a mention from Anil Dash on the SixApart Professional Network. Bravo!

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  1. we will be in Toronto from sept 23 to oct 12. Are there any organ recitals planned please? Michael and I would love to hear the organ – even a rehearsal would be good! We will be staying in Elmvale, with my daughter. Thank you, Daphne Patrick, Yeovil, Somerset, England. [email protected].

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