Cynical? Unfeeling? Jaded?

I just realized that, unlike every other blogger on earth, I didn’t post yesterday about the bombings in London. In fact, my post last night might have seemed purposely callous, seeing as how I dissed the English Premier League. That was not my intention by a mile.

But I wonder why I didn’t leap immediately behind the controls of my blog and start writing about how I was shocked, saddened, etc. etc. I think I felt vaguely like I’d be hitchhiking on other people’s misery, just like in 2001. Of course I’m miserable about the tragedy. I have family there (who are all ok, thank God). But I guess I’m just a little jaded by how the media (and here I include the so-called “blogosphere”) jump all over each new horror and make us look and look and look. It’s kind of gruesome, actually.

I’ll more than likely not be commenting further on this. Like most Londoners, I’ll be trying to live my life without caving in to fear or morbid fascination with violence. Sorry if that sounds self-righteous.