Spoon 2005, Part 2

my ticket stub

Just got home from seeing my favourite band. It was a bit surreal tonight because earlier, I’d emailed Britt Daniel (singer/guitarist) to ask if, as usual, he’d save me a setlist and also requested a song. In the middle of the show, they played it, and Britt said, “This one’s for James McNally, who’s come to every one of our Toronto shows, even back when we were playing with Jimmy’s Chicken Shack.” (That was in 1998, by the way). So I felt like a groupie. Afterward, there was a large group of people waiting to talk to Britt, and he actually had to ask if I was there. After I meekly raised my hand and got the setlist, a couple of drunken new fans wanted to shake my hand. I hung around a bit longer until Britt wasn’t so mobbed, and actually got to talk to him for a few minutes.

It’s so weird to think that the first time Spoon played in Toronto, it was for about a dozen people, and I hung around afterward to sort of console the band. I remember speaking to all of them individually, just begging them not to give up on Toronto, or on the band. It seems like a long time ago, which it was, but it feels good to say that the band are more popular each time they come. Makes me feel older and odder, though.

They played a very good set tonight, Britt seemed relaxed and he commented that he thought the crowd were really great. The song they played for me was 30 Gallon Tank, from their 1998 album A Series of Sneaks, and they hardly play anything from that era anymore. Britt said he had to talk Jim (drummer Jim Eno) into it, because it’s a very challenging song for a drummer, and he was tired. But I think it’s good for all their new fans to hear some of the older stuff, too.

Anyway, a good time. And one of the rare occasions when I get to be a fanboy, er, fanman. Check out the playlist, linked at the bottom of my 2001 interview with Britt.

UPDATE: For a photo, and another take on the show, read Frank Yang’s always-excellent Chromewaves. I thought I spotted him there last night.

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  1. hey james – nice shout out from Britt, I’m impressed. I’ll have a load more photos up tomorrow – some of them came out really well.

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