Gah! Content Shortage!

I really wanted to post something interesting here for the new year, just because I looked and there are only two entries showing in the past 30 days, so my blog looks completely lopsided. But I have nothing incredibly interesting to share, really.

I started running again, today, for the first time since, gasp, the end of August. I’m keeping track of my slow climb to fitness (again) on my oh-so-interesting running blog. And I’ve been fooling around a bit more with, and I can say without hesitation that it’s pretty interesting. At least for completely anal-retentive music geeks like me. View my profile here. While I’m plugging links, my other site, Runner-Up, needs some love. Please visit (that is, if you’re even visiting here!) and if you find something interesting, please please please comment!

That is all.