Good Weekend

It started with a work excursion to see the Toronto Marlies on Friday night, which I really enjoyed (somewhat surprising when you consider how much I generally ignore hockey). Then on Saturday afternoon, Brooke and I went to Cinematheque Ontario to see The 400 Blows, which unbelievably, I hadn’t seen yet. An absolutely wonderful film. And then, on Sunday, we invited my Dad over for chili and to watch the Super Bowl, which was actually competitive (plus, my team won!).

The only black spot on the weekend? Chelsea beating Liverpool.

How was your weekend?

One thought on “Good Weekend”

  1. Catch up on the week’s PVR’d Daily Show and Colbert Reports; twice to the gym (800 cals each time); re-vamp website and banner; close to the end of Alias season one; coffee and danish; Father Ted; I’m Alan Partridge; Black Books; The Atlantic; the Harmon e. Phraysier show and Hooting Yard via Resonance FM’s podcasts; not working overtime; is it or isn’t it winter yet?

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