“The National” Post

The National
Los Nacional

Ooh, such a clever title! Thanks to Neil and indirectly to Frank, I got to see The National tonight for free. I’d only heard two songs before tonight, but am firmly in the fan camp now. If you get a chance to see them, you really ought to go, before singer Matt Berninger does permanent damage to his voice. Openers The Cloud Room were a pleasant surprise as well.

P.S. The TTC has gone haywire. From the beautiful young female streetcar driver I met at 12:30 this morning to the crazy subway drivers calling out the names of the stations, things were weird today. On my morning commute, the stations were being called out by a drunken halfwit, and on my way home from the concert tonight, by a chirpy and possibly medicated matron.

BONUS: Video of Gang of Four performing a surprise show at SXSW on a parking garage rooftop. Yet another amazing show I missed by coming home after Interactive.