There Goes The Neighbourhood

Something very odd happened in July. My site traffic slowed to a trickle. Admittedly, most of my “visitors” are people who arrive at some ancient entry through the magic of Google search. But my unique visitor count went from 4,430 in June to a measly 642 in July. August continues the trend. Does anyone out there know what happened? Has Google tightened up its algorithms? They have been criticized for ranking blogs too highly, but wow, that hurts! Of course, I’m asking a question that nobody out there will even read, based on recent traffic. Oh, the indignity…

3 thoughts on “There Goes The Neighbourhood”

  1. My traffic was up in June & July but it’s come back down this past week. Google’s a big mystery to me. Some of it’s just been luck – like getting linked from maclean’s web site two weeks ago. But some of it’s just shameless self-promotion. Fr’instance – setting up your posts so they follow “newspaper” rules. Key words in the title. Most important sentence first. That sort of thing.

  2. 642 is unusually low. My unique count is around 8k/month. It was much higher in June and has been on the decline. The reason? I’ve been swamped with work and simply haven’t had much time to write new posts.

    Post more often and you’ll see your numbers start to climb again.

  3. they have done something brutal in terms of blog authority. i went as “james” from page one, entry seven… down onto search page 2

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