Amen from this Gen X Lad

Business Week: Ten Reasons Gen Xers are Unhappy at Work

Thanks to David Crow for linking to this thought-provoking article. I can identify deeply with the first three reasons, especially the feeling that I got a “late start” to my career. In fact, sometimes I don’t feel like I’ve started at all. My father, a Boomer, was laid off from a comfortable corporate job at the age of 49, which is just six years away for me. Also very true that I fear the “narrowing” of options that many career paths dictate. I prefer to be a creative generalist, though that can make the search for meaningful work (not to mention job interviews) pretty difficult.

2 thoughts on “Amen from this Gen X Lad”

  1. Late to your posting, but an interesting piece nontheless. Security's rare at any time, I've always found hope in the fact that everything's in cycles. Lousy if you're IN one (such as the recession when I first left university, or the dotcom burst), but they will eventually change. Not starving to death in the interim is a bit more of a challenge.

    But there's hope, from one creative generalist to another. I have a screenwriting degree, worked as a game designer, technical writer, marketing writer (for software and for handmade soap), wrote Policy and Procedures for the government, wrote and answered RFPs for a consulting firm, wrote newsletter material and executive announcements for a bank and found my way to corporate commincations from a HR perspective at another bank. A weird trip. There's a through-line: being both general and communicative. Sometimes it works.

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