Pride and Remembrance 5K 2009

Brooke and I have run this race every year since 2003, with the exception of last year, when we were in New York City. The Pride and Remembrance Run is one of my favourite races on the calendar. It’s part of the annual Gay Pride celebrations here in Toronto and there’s always a really fun atmosphere, with lots of costumed runners and a real community feeling. Not to mention, they actually cater the food, with great stuff like pasta salad and Dufflet pastries at the finish line! This year, it was going to be kind of a warmup, so to speak, for the much hotter weather we’ll be experiencing on July 4 when we run the Peachtree 10K in Atlanta.

At race time, the temperature was already into the 20s (Celsius) so I knew I’d have to stop at all the water stations since I’d decided not to carry my own water bottle. I started off very conservatively and ran the first kilometre in about 5:15. I actually slowed down for kilometres 2 and 3, and then picked it up toward the end. I’m pretty happy with my time, considering my total lack of training. But it did make me a bit more nervous that the heat next week will be even more debilitating. I’m going to make sure I bring some Gatorade along and I’ll still stop at all the water stations.

P.S. There is one team of guys that always dresses up each year. They’ve come as a team of Richard Simmons one year, and dressed as Dorothys (from the Wizard of Oz) another year. This year they all wore red bathing suits and blonde wigs and came as Gaywatch. Somehow, watching a team of male Pamela Anderson wannabes wasn’t as much fun as watching the real Baywatch girls would have been, but what do I know?

Gun Time: 28:06.0
Chip Time: 27:28.9
Overall Place: 388/812
Gender Place: 280/424

2008 Chip Time: (didn’t run)
2007 Chip Time: 24:28.5
2006 Gun Time: 25:08
2005 Gun Time: 26:06
2004 Gun Time: 24:10
2003 Gun Time: 28:45 (this is still the only race where Brooke has ever beat me, although she was on my heels this year!)