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Hi, my name is James and I live in Toronto, where I try to make a living doing things I like and am good at. I’ve been only semi-successful at this. I started this blog way back in 2000, and have tried to write interesting things here. It’s a lot more personal lately.

I run another weblog which you might be interested in checking out:

  • Toronto Screen Shots — film reviews from festivals in Toronto as well as from DVD and theatrical releases

You can see recent entry titles from this blog in the column on the right, and click if you’re curious.

More here soon, perhaps…

James McNally
James McNally, Fall 2008 (image by Rannie Turingan)

6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Your life is somewhat similar to mine. I was born in the UK in 1947 and came to Canada in 1968. I became a Christian in 1977 . I have also traveled a great deal. I currently live in north central BC in a tiny community of 350 people on BC’s largest lake. We live a 100 km from town so only go to church every other week, and that is when I shop also, that is if weather permits.

    I always enjoy coming across other Canadian blogs, there are not too many.

  2. Just said I’d drop you a note.. you dont know me but I am also James McNally. Born Dublin 1967 and still here.
    Good to see you are well and enjoying life. A bit weird writing to myself but I never realised how many James McNallys there are actually out there until you search the web.

    Keep up the Blog.

  3. I loved Dublin, when I visited there one Christmas. The moon, the snow, the tinkers horses loose and quietly walking through sparse trees and shadows. These animals seeking out morsels that may be buried under the cold, thick and fluffy white cushion we walked on. I had no idea if e walked upon a road or pavement or if I was crossing a grassy knoll that night. The walk there was better than the “do” I was attending.

    I also smile when I remember morning tea and the small delivered bottles of fresh milk , theirsweet creme topper; wall furnaces, fireplaces and pots of tea . Double entry doors and settling into an easy chair in my stocking feet.

    Pints in a crowded pub. Ireland pubs get crowds of potential friends. I thought the English pubs were filled more with people censoring their smiles and conversations. Ireland made me feel so very welcome, even in Belfast, amazingly open people of all ages, I am American, does that mater?.

    There is so much one can do while in England, but I go to Ireland for the smiles and the magical snowy nights . A feeling you belong there even if your new.

    Don’t get me started on how much I enjoyed France, lol Wow! Now THAT was different!

  4. Hi!

    I am currently updating the contact database for the IBM Corporation amateur radio operators. I do see what appears to be your late fathers info in it and am saddened to hear of his passing. I’d just like to validate that he indeed was known as the following and then i can report him as a “Silent Key” (amateur who has passed). Thanks!

    John Malachy McNally
    350 SENECA HILL DRIVE #515

    1. Paul, yes, thanks for getting in touch! His address had changed but his call sign was always that. I remember hearing him on the radio as a child and I always loved listening to him chatting with people all over the world in the pre-internet days. He passed away on October 22, 2012.

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