Institute of Official Cheer

The Institute of Official Cheer is brilliant. I especially enjoyed the paintings of the women with their underwear around their ankles. (via Dinah)

Six wants to know what happened to the coup I was promising. Well, it’s already started, with our election going off without a hitch. Soon, we will send election advisers to your country to determine whether your electoral process is free and fair. Then, we will keep those advisers there for many years slowly changing your political system from within. And before you know it, you’ll have a Queen! That’s when we’ll start attacking with turkey basters…

Linky Richness

Sorry about the whining yesterday. I’ll try not to let it happen again.

In other news, how about that election? It’s still not decided as I write this, as they’re going to do a recount in Florida. Yes, folks, those Nader votes may just have been crucial. And you, yes you, your vote is probably the key to the whole enchilada. And on your birthday, too.

This week’s New Yorker is excellent. In addition to the excellent article on blogging (well, mostly about Meg and Jason’s romance, but it filled in a lot of details for me), there’s an article on fibromyalgia, good Caterina’s affliction. To top it off, it’s the Cartoon Issue.

How’s that for a link-rich experience! Don’t forget to come back!