Revolution In GUI Design

Steven Levy (Newsweek/MSNBC) writes about the revolution in GUI design in Screen Wars. It’s a nice comparison of what the next generation of Mac OS, Windows, and Linux desktops may look like. I liked the interactive feature that explains features of each design. Simple but effective. As a Mac user, I’m excited but also a bit nervous about the impending release of OS X.

First Computer

While we’re waxing nostalgic, I’d just like to set down for the record that my first computer was an Atari 800XL, purchased in, I think, 1984. An Atari 520ST followed, then a generic 286 PC. My first Mac wasn’t until 1996, a Performa 5200CD. And my current ride, a beige G3-300mhz (purchased in 1998), and a new iBook (Indigo, for those who need to know). Oh, before I forget, I bought an HP-33E programmable calculator back in 1980. That was COOL. And I always wanted one of those Sinclair ZX-80’s that were advertised in the back pages of Omni. Now that my geek credentials are established, tell me what your first computer was.