Lesser of Two Weasels

I’m not sure if anyone else watches Survivor anymore, but tonight’s finale was really disappointing. Brian was a manipulative paranoid greasy used car salesman, and Clay was an abrasive layabout. Why on earth anyone else didn’t see the two of them plotting and break them up is beyond me.

Update: I just found out that Brian Heidik is actually a sometime softcore porn actor and that his wife was arrested recently for assaulting him and that he’s filing for divorce. I wonder if the money will make any difference at all in his life.

The next Survivor, airing in February, is set in the Amazon rain forest and promises a twist. My guess? All sixteen survivors will be women (get it? Amazons!). Mark my words.

The Continental Club

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march 2002 : austin : the continental club

My favourite photo of 174 taken at SxSW 2002. If you’ve been wondering where the rest are, I’m having mixed feelings about doing a wrapup for this year. First, it’s a ton of work, and I’m really busy. Second, I’m not sure I won’t exceed my transfer limits, since people will probably check out last year’s section at the same time. I’m toying with putting it up and taking down last year for a while, or just posting a few pics. But mostly, I’m just lazy.