My Fake Job

Finally reading the November 27 New Yorker. Rodney Rothman’s article, “My Fake Job” is hilarious. He just shows up one day at an internet company, sits at an empty desk, and pretends to work. He continues the ruse for almost three weeks. My favourite quote: “If it’s possible to be a workhaholic at a job you don’t actually have, that’s what I’ve become. The thought of going back to my apartment is loathsome, and I don’t even have a family I’m trying to avoid. In this office, I feel productive, even when I’m doing nothing. In my apartment, even when I’m working, I’m idle, lazy, and always a hairsbreadth away from masturbation.” Jason Levine has some links to discussion about this story.

Playstation 2 Rental

So, $30 (and a $300 credit card deposit) later, I’ve scored a Playstation 2, for 2 days. My local Blockbuster has 4 of them, and I was lucky enough to be there when one was being returned, as they’ve been very popular. I got two games as well, Ridge Racer V, which is pretty good, and Madden 2001, which is absolutely breathtaking. Tonight I’m going to watch a DVD or two.

14 Hour Day

I had an entry half completed today and then work caught up with me again. Just finished a 14 hour day at the office, and so not in the proper frame of mind to tell you all how wonderful Newfoundland was. I will tell you soon.

When it rains, it pours. Please send Elise some love.

Canadian Thanksgiving

Brooke and I spent this weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving) at her parents’
house in Collingwood, Ontario, about 2 hours north of Toronto. On Sunday
night, it started snowing, and although I thought it would all be gone by
Monday morning, this is what we saw. I think this is the earliest I’ve ever seen snow on the ground. Mind you, Collingwood is in the heart of ski country in Ontario, and they get more snow than most places. Still, snow in October?