Freaky Weather

I know weather is a boring topic. But freaky weather is slightly less boring. And we’ve been having some lately here in Toronto. Last week, we had temperatures in the 80s and lots of sun. Today, it’s snowing and the temperature is 34 degrees. As my friendly neighbour said in the elevator just a few minutes ago, “This weather is bullshit.”

Bill Gates April Fooled

Bill Gates fooled by Quebec DJs

I hope this surfaces somewhere as an MP3 file soon! (Update: I found an MP3! It’s not as funny as I’d hoped, but if you’d like a copy, email me. I’ll probably post it to Filepile later as well. Oh, and CNN has moved the page and I can’t find it, so the link has been removed. Ah, it wasn’t that funny anyway…)

Surrealist Humour

Today I was taking the subway and at the main Yonge-Bloor station, I saw a blind man carrying a saw. Yes, a blind man, with a white cane in one hand, and a saw in the other. I can’t figure out if it was some elaborate April Fool’s joke or a piece of Surrealist performance art. And I’ve been trying to tease out the joke from that whole situation all day. Hit “Comment” and give me your one-liners.