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Making the Invisible Visible: Process, Inspiration and Practice for the New Media Designer: Reviewbook review25 january 03
Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web: Reviewbook review17 december 02
Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself: Reviewbook review18 november 02
Special Edition: Using HTML and XHTML: Reviewbook review23 september 02
Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, Second Edition: Reviewbook review15 august 02
Computers: An Illustrated History: Reviewbook review15 august 02
Cascading Style Sheets: Separating Content from Presentation: Reviewbook review15 july 02
The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog: Reviewbook review15 july 02
JavaScript + CSS + DOM Magic: Reviewbook review23 june 02
Eric Meyer on CSS: Mastering the Language of Web Design: Reviewbook review10 june 02
Weblog Tools: Shareware Review (with Brooke Smith)web27 may 02
Everyone In Silico: Reviewbook review15 may 02
Back To The User: Reviewbook review15 apr 02
SxSW 2002: Geek March Madnessweb/lifestyle28 mar 02
Hot Text & Web Word Wizardry: Reviewsbook review18 mar 02
Fresh Styles for Web Designers: Reviewbook review5 jan 02
Web ReDesign: Reviewbook review19 oct 01
9/11: How We Used the Webweb11 oct 01
Geocaching: Geeks Play Scavenger Huntweb/lifestyle4 sep 01
Two Recent Web Design Books: Reviewbook review3 sep 01
Fray Dayweb31 aug 01
Clan Warfareweb10 aug 01
The Little iTunes Book: Reviewbook review16 jul 01
Web Accessibility and the Lawweb12 jul 01
Taking Your Talent to the Web: Reviewbook review12 jun 01
The Dope Smokerpersonal writing06 jun 01
W(h)ither the Well-Rounded?personal writing/careers/web05 jun 01
Spoon : Instant Gratificationmusic31 may 01
A Tribute to my Mumpersonal writing04 may 01
Some Modest Proposals for Year 2 of my Employment at (company)*personal writing/careers22 mar 01
Two Campspersonal writing/faith20 mar 01
"Merde" : the smell of "Chocolat"film review14 feb 01
Got Blog?web5 jan 01
B-List Bloggerspersonal writing/web14 nov 00
Before My Performance Review*personal writing/careers11 aug 00
The Baptism of Eugene Pyne Jr.personal writing/faithspring 93
inbetween : neither/nor/both/andpersonal writing/faithspring 93
kafka : k. in the burrowliterature10 apr 91
kafka : the "message" of The Castleliterature03 apr 91
mann : the two tristansliterature20 mar 91
kafka : kafka and expressionismliterature05 mar 91
kafka : not another metamorphosis!literature27 feb 91
*these pieces were not actually written for publication. In fact, they appear solely for their value as ironic documents of my own personal meltdown. Your indulgence is appreciated.

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