The Specials

My friend Brent sent me a URL for a new movie called “The Specials.” It’s another “Mystery Men” type movie, but looks like it actually might be funny. I’ve always loved “The Tick” and was bummed when it disappeared, so anything to do with this weird superhero type genre appeals to me. My idea for a superhero: Iran Man. (ie. “I….AM…..IRAN…..MAN!!”). Along with my sidekick and romantic consort, Iran Maiden, we fly around fighting the excesses of godless Western culture.

New Camera

Finally got my digital camera back from the shop after 5 weeks. They couldn’t fix it!! So I got a brand new one! All because I tried to do a firmware update. I clearly followed the instructions on the website and the camera just went dead. A thousand dollar paperweight. I was really worried, but since it was under warranty, I took it back, and now, only 5 weeks later, I have a new one. Finally be able to take some summertime photos and maybe post a bunch here. I promise I’ll try to be interesting, if not frequent, in updating.