OK, now I’ve seen it all. Behold SURVIVORblog. Actually, it could be funny, except that I don’t know any of the bloggers.

Brooke and I spent the weekend with our friends Brad and Rebecca in Waterloo, Ontario (shout outs to B&R!!). We went to the Elora gorge and I even got some cool pictures. Maybe some will be posted soon. And my buddy Brent got back from his British Columbia/California odyssey. He even made the pilgrimage to Cupertino and brought back the Apple swag we desired. Now I definitely want to go to San Francisco!

I desperately want to overhaul my photos page, to make it more like an album where you can pick from thumbnails and also see one photo at a time in a larger frame. Does anyone have any good ideas for layout and if they do, could they help me out with the code?

Hurray for Heather, pt.2

Hurray for Heather, pt.2…If you’re here for the first time as a result of a link from Harrumph!, welcome. I hope you’ll look around a bit and come back sometime. Thanks, Heather, for the link. You see, all I have to do to become famous is just be nice to the already famous! “Look out world, I’m gonna be a STAR!””…..erm, sorry about that. See what a nice spike in my traffic can do for my mood? It’s better than caffeine, I tell you…


I’ve been trying to add permalinks, but it keeps screwing up the formatting of the page, with weird line breaks and indenting all over the place. Anyone know what’s happening? I’ll keep trying….

One Month Down…

First month’s posts are now tucked into the archive. If you’ve been entertained, and are now reading me semi-regularly, or even better, linking to me, please drop me a line and let me know…