Music and Movies

Jish was kind enough to add me to his list of Toronto Blogs. So hurray for Jish, and please go and visit his site now.

In its previous incarnation, this page was where I would list the latest CDs I bought, or the last film I saw, or book I read, whatever. I don’t want to lose that, because it gives people an opportunity to respond, and it just helps me formulize some sort of capsule review (sometimes!), so:


  • Modest Mouse-The Moon and Antarctica
  • Modest Mouse-This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About
  • Travis-The Man Who


  • Chicken Run
  • The Perfect Storm

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Whither Withnail?

I’ve been getting into DVDs lately, in anticipation for when I buy my Playstation 2 in (hopefully) October. I’ve even bought a couple of disks (“Rushmore-Criterion Edition” and “The Matrix”) and ordered some more that will ship in late August (“Magnolia” and “Boogie Nights” special editions). But it vexes me how some classic films are not yet out on DVD and nobody has any idea when they’ll be released, by whom, or what, if any, special features they will have. The one that bums me the most is “Withnail and I.” This is probably one of my top 5 films ever, and it would be perfect for DVD. The sound could really use some cleaning up, so that all the wonderful dialogue can be heard, and I could dream up tons of supplementary material for it, especially commentary tracks from director Bruce Robinson and actors Richard E. Grant and Paul McGann. There was a tenth anniversary VHS released in 1997 and I think it was even rereleased in the theatres, but no DVD yet. If anyone knows anything at all, please let me know. Until then, I’ll just have to keep mumbling the dialogue to myself and laughing, drawing all manner of funny stares.

The Specials

My friend Brent sent me a URL for a new movie called “The Specials.” It’s another “Mystery Men” type movie, but looks like it actually might be funny. I’ve always loved “The Tick” and was bummed when it disappeared, so anything to do with this weird superhero type genre appeals to me. My idea for a superhero: Iran Man. (ie. “I….AM…..IRAN…..MAN!!”). Along with my sidekick and romantic consort, Iran Maiden, we fly around fighting the excesses of godless Western culture.