Ax Attacks!

Though I haven’t commented yet, I was very happy with our Prime Minister‘s recent decision that Canada not participate in the American Ballistic Missile Defense (Defence) plan. And don’t think we haven’t been getting a lot of flak about that up here. W won’t return Paul Martin’s calls, our beef can’t cross the border, Condi has been criticizing us.

But leave it to Lloyd Axworthy, one of my favourite “Red” Liberals and a former Minister of Foreign Affairs to lob one back at the Yanks. Lloyd also happens to serve on the international board of directors for Human Rights Watch. I’m baffled as to why he never made a run for the PM‘s job himself. We could have done a lot worse (and often have).


I was signing up for some online games at EA Sports Big and I was asked if I wanted to sign up for some optional offers. Here was one of them: “Learn about Saudi Arabia’s fight against terrorism. Get weekly updates from Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia regarding current issues such as war on terrorism, oil supply, reform in the Kingdom and Mid-East peace.”

Do you think that’s strange? I think that’s strange.

Marry An American!

Back in September, Brooke and I spent a week in Washington state and dropped into the Democratic Party headquarters in Walla Walla to express our support. The guys seemed eager to talk and we ended up spending about half an hour with them. We joked that if Bush won again, they should all come to Canada and claim refugee status.

Marry An American has a slightly different plan. They’re signing up single Canadians to marry liberal Americans so that they can escape Bush’s America. If I wasn’t already married, I might be willing to help out! That would certainly be bigamy (get it? bigamy, big of me? it’s funny!).

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SPOILER: The site is actually satirical and sponsored by Canada’s lefty THIS Magazine, which has a pretty nifty blog.

Four More Years

My playlist for today, set on repeat…

Pedro the Lion — Backwoods Nation

Calling all rednecks to put down their sluggers
Turn their attention from beating the buggers
Pick up machine guns and kill camel fuckers

Backwoods nation…

Calling all doctors of spin and the smoke screen
To whip the new hate riots into a frenzy
Of good versus evil ignoring the history
Of the Backwoods Nation

Ain’t it a shame
When due process
Stands in the way of swift justice

Calling all frat’ boys

To trade in their hazing
Their keggers and cocaine
And casual date raping
For cabinet appointments
And rose-garden tapings

Backwoods, backwoods, backwoods……nation

(Note: this song was written by a fellow evangelical Christian, proving we’re not as monolithic, or neolithic, as some might think.)

I don’t mean to be vulgar, or seem combative. But seriously, folks. People lining up for six to eight hours to vote? In the world’s most powerful nation? Shameful. How many of those people got fed up and just went home? We’ll never know. No matter what side of the political fence you’re on, the US electoral process is broken and subject to abuse, corruption, and technological failure. But I doubt there’s any political will to fix things. As far as I know, there weren’t excessive waits or ballot shortages in the “nice” parts of town.