A Capital Idea

This weekend, Brooke and I are embarking on a little getaway trip to our nation’s capital, Ottawa. We’re taking the bus, which means a five-hour trip each way (lots of time to read!). Our main reason for going is the National Capital Marathon. No, we’re not running it (yet!), but we’re going to do the 5K race on Saturday, and then watch the marathon on Sunday morning.

We’re also taking the opportunity to dine at one of Ottawa’s newest and most-acclaimed restaurants, Beckta. The nicest thing is that it’s being paid for by my employers, as a sort of thank-you for all the work I did on our big tasting event a few weeks ago. We’re also meeting up tonight with one of my colleagues (our Ottawa sales rep) and his girlfriend for a more casual meal.

Hopefully, we’ll also find a bit of time to explore the National Gallery of Canada, check out Parliament Hill and maybe do a couple of other touristy things. We’ll be back Sunday and I’ll try to post a picture or two.